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  HSE Policy

The Board has tailored the Groupís HSE policy and management system taking reference from world class operations to suit Indian conditions. Safety, security and emergency procedures have been incorporated into the weave of the Groupís operations. The central HSE Committee and Environment Management Committees meet on a monthly basis to assess and monitor compliance. The Group regularly undertakes internal and external HSE audits, including pre-mobilisation HSE audit of rigs and vessels. The Group undertakes periodical environmental marine monitoring around production facilities and around the drilling locations. Prompt compliance with applicable regulations by the Group has been recognised by concerned agencies.

All statutory requirements and certification for the operating facilities at PY-3 field were maintained. Compliance to ministerial and regulatory bodies such as DGH, MOEF,
DGMS, ODAG, Coast Guard, Navy and others are maintained by forwarding necessary reports as required. Hardy participates in several meetings convened by these agencies. Senior officials from these agencies also visited our offshore facilities and appreciate our HSE management system.

The CHSE Committee, the Companyís apex body on HSE activities, meets every month and reviews the HSE plans, activities, accidents/incidents pertaining to the month. Representatives from contractors are also invited for these meetings. Regular HSE audits, drills and emergency exercises are carried out in all facilities offshore.

The Board believes that prevention of accidents, ill health, and protection of the environment, are essential to the efficient operation of its business. The Board is committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental protection. These aspects command equal prominence with other business considerations in the decision making process. Health, safety and environmental protection are responsibilities shared by everyone working for the Group, and the full support of all the Groupís staff, corporate partners, and contractors is vital to the successful implementation of this policy. The Board will ensure that personnel are aware of their delegated health, safety and environmental responsibilities and are properly trained to undertake them diligently.

The Board aims to ensure that the necessary resources are provided to support this policy fully and to seek continuous improvement in performance.

High HSE standards and constant grass roots level interaction give the Group the awareness of local communitiesí sensibilities and needs. With an awareness driving the commitment, the Group provides its expertise and resources, wherever required, to be a responsible Company.

Hardyís success is also due to its record of adhering to the stringent Health, Safety and Environment regulations.


The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System is the backbone of Hardyís successful offshore operations.

The HSE Management System includes:

  • Mandatory Safety Training and Compliance
  • Guidelines and Handbooks
  • Risk Assessment & regular Safety Reviews
  • Regular inspections of facilities and equipment
  • Safety Meetings with personnel and contractors
  • Safety Drills
  • Incident Reporting
  • Emergency Response & Crisis Management

Hardy ensures environmental protection by precautionary monitoring, and minimising the impact of its activities. This is achieved by:

  • Compliance of Statutory Regulations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Effective Project Planning
  • Effective Project Implementation
  • Compliance of safety standards at Facilities
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Third Party Environment & Safety Audits
  • Periodic Marine Environmental Monitoring

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